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Chela was nervous, at dawn on Sunday without influence of alcohol remembered what he did the night before with Oscar,

he felt dirty, but also loved that feeling. I knew it was wrong,

but it was the most delicious I had done in his life and wanted to repeat it.

Each time he bathed the scene imagined and finished masturbating.

His libido was skin-deep;

the times intersected with Oscar felt a stream of excitement ran his body and ended with a thick drip into her vagina.

He arrived on Tuesday and despite its internal conflicts,

invented an excuse and point the snow was on the agency inter provincial buses with its passage and Oscar,

but he did not come.

They called up to the few passengers and it appeared, stood behind her in line and boarded the bus.

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Why you wanted us to travel at this time? It is a finger-hour trip and we will return quickly Chela said.

-A This time there are few passengers and then only go and return quickly replied Oscar.

As soon as I started the Oscar bus he stood

Follow me in a moment ‘I said.

And the last empty seats of the bus went, after a while Chela went to meet him.

As soon as he sat, Oscar hugged her and kissed her madly,

Chela was surprised but corresponded the kiss while his hands stroked his crotch over trousers.

The tension of the moment and the fear of discovery increased even more excitement,

Oscar opened her blouse and bra and started licking small breasts gently and softly,

his hand was inside the pants stroking the wet and hot vulva .

She could not stand and trousers complete with panties removed,

lay down between two seats and offered his anxious shell,

no more he dipped his nose and his tongue on that young vagina called it …

vaginal juices moistened lips relished him that frenzy,

he puts a finger inside and moved at the same pace that his tongue on the clitoris and orgasm came quickly with a gasp.

bokep ind

Now she removed his pants to him and stroked his thick shaft up and down to achieve a thick drop out soon savor patiently.

Then he started licking red head and introduce it slowly into his mouth to where else could,

it was a fat and venous cock, she never imagined how delicious it would be to do it

and even less imagined that you would on a bus with passengers and mid morning,

then he sat on top of him facing introduced cock to touch the eggs with her buttocks.

Oscar stroked his back as he sucked swingeing small tits with nipples;

the ride was increasing in intensity until the orgasm she appeared with hot fluids that bathed the member who,

feeling those fluids, also flooded the vagina with a thick, jet. It was wonderful, magical, memorable and satisfying for both sexes.

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