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D. Adolfo, I beg your pardon for my impertinence.

The previous Managing Director gave us a number of freedoms that I understand you do not want. I promise you it will not happen again, sir.

I accept your apologies, and now before I start I would like to see Miss Lola come to see me, I think her name is,

there is something I have to do with her, before we start talking. – – Immediately, Lord. With your permission,

I’m going down to warn you. After a brief moment, they knocked on the door and, after telling her to pass,

Carmela and Lola appeared, saying the latter:

“Do you give your permission, Don Adolfo?” – Come on, Lola. Carmela, stay outside and wait for me there until I tell you.

“Yes, sir, as you command, sir.” Said Carmela, who closed the door and waited in the corridor. – Lola stood before Adolfo who said:

You can sit. – – Thank you very much sir. “They were dispatching business for half an hour.

” Carmela meanwhile despaired in the hallway, and downstairs to deal with an affair with Sonia, the administrative one.

When Adolfo finished dispatching with Lola, he asked to notify Carmela to enter, but this one was not there.