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bokep film
bokep film

bokep film

You walk into a subway car, set yourself standing in the middle, because the seats are occupied.

You look around and about two meters see a tall man dressed casual, with jeans and a white shirt.

With the first look has not given you time to see more, but after a while feel a desire to keep watching this man,

so you turn you back to covertly and deduct that has an athletic body as marked on his shirt.

Try to look if his jeans hiding something big but you’re going to look down notes he sees that you look and you decide to turn around.

At the next stop comes a pack of boys, possibly a school, filling the car. You look bound to be sandwiched between all the crowd.

You looking forward to your stop and get out, tours head slightly sideways and see something white stuck to your back, it’s the guy from before.

You got it right behind.

bokep film

You start to get nervous, for no reason but the fact is that these somewhat uneasy, when you notice that your ass chirping.

You want to think that it was a fortuitous touch. You wear skirts and any noticeable touch so you do not give more importance.

But when you come to notice again something that touches you. You sharpen the senses and think deduce that it is a finger.

Your instinct sends you turn you and rebuking the stump, but something tells you to wait. He then notes that finger on the back of your leg,

below the ass, and notes as going up slowly, subiéndote skirt. Still motionless, breathing slowly. By the finger to the base of your ass stops.

Something inside you want to continue, but the finger is separated from your body and skirt back to your site.

Contenías breathe out the air and not knowing how to find that you are moving your ass slowly looking somewhere rubbing against the man

You do not know what you are against but imagine it by rubbing his fly. You start to feel very hot and wet.

That man that reminds you of someone and not know who is holding your friction, is not only endures but also makes strength against you.

bokep film

Some says you’re doing wrong, but I love the situation, so you decide to lengthen it a little. There will be wrong with getting a heater.

So you keep rubbing your no more. When a hand of notes around you waist suddenly, that you did not count.

You thought that everything would stay there. Instinctively you hide the belly, holding his breath, made the hand takes to slip through the space between your belly and the skirt.

In front you have the back of a tall man does anyone see anything. These terrified, but excited. The hand begins to slowly lower over your panties.

And it supports the entire palm on your mons and continues to fall until it is resting on your pussy.

You check back for what you’re between hand and his fly. Tight. Hot. Notes as his finger pressed upwards,

as if to get inside your pussy. Separated only by the thin fabric of the panties, wet. You’re dying to his strong hands groped you whole body.

You want to cum on her face, but notice how fucks you’re in a damn subway car!

Suddenly notes as hand squeeze stops and goes out from within your skirt, you come back to reality and notes that the metro is slowing down.

The man pulls out his hand and turns away from you.

bokep film

You hear a serious but soft voice that says, “Will you let me? I come down here “and see you turn that man smiles and goes through you.

You get a thoughtful, puzzled moment, you do not expect this and almost without realizing it you find yourself following this unknown man.

Among the crowd subway, the heater you wear and stun happens when you lose that man and remiras view and do not see it anywhere. Curse!

That I leave the subway, I’m very hot, calm because I wear the jacket and people can not see the bulge in my pants my hard cock.

But I can not wait to get to homes, pity stop came so soon.

Bind to run between and finally get home, step jumping elevator and climb the stairs in threes.

Just I closed the front door I’m unbuttoning his pants, I dropped my jacket and I’m blowing whistle bedroom,

I get to bed and have his pants and boxers off and I lie on your back with my hard cock looking at ceiling. I take my right hand,

I close my eyes and imagine the preciousness of dark hair who minutes earlier set me as I am a very hot bike so I decide to end soon.

bokep film

I begin to move your hand with strength and speed, faster and faster, I feel like my eggs are going getting tough, the run is coming,

I still can not stop thinking about the beautiful woman in the subway in what would notice my cock entering her hot pussy when I feel like the run runs through my cock to go,

I’m still shaking as I feel the hot cum sliding down the hand, feel it in my stomach as I slowing the movement of my hand to stop altogether, mmmmmmmm go mulch.

After a while I begin to regret for being so stupid to get off at my stop. I could have gone a little longer.

But as far as I would have let go this preciousness? I was terrified and possibly if it was not I who took the hand I would have herself taken pity.

He spent the rest of the day and could not stop thinking about that woman Would you see it?

I decided to take the same meter at the same time to see if he could find it.

But if he saw her again would not know how to react, possibly because at this point it would already be more than sorry and indignant.

I reached the subway, I got on the same car and stood in more or less the same place, same time was the same stop, only 24 hours later.

The bad thing is I did not see that stop up the woman, so at every stop I looked around to see if he saw her.

bokep film

As they passed the stops was clear that he would never see that girl. So much so that stopped looking, I was lost in my thoughts,

in the little adventure the previous day, to be exact, when I noticed a slight bump and a sweet female voice saying “Sorry”

Returning to this world and stop dreaming saw the dark hair right in front of me, like yesterday, the surprise had left me still,

stunned, in that I noticed as his ass again touch my pants. In that moment I realized that the woman liked the game,

at least the frictions and fondling. So I decided to lower my hands by his side, wearing another skirt,

put my hand down and began to climb in search of their delicious panties.

I got closer to her panties and supporting hand on him I found a shaved pussy with just a line of hairs It had come without panties!

Mmmm that made my cock hard and put an even harder.

The woman must take time thinking about that moment because I noticed right away moisture from her pussy in the palm of my hand.

I rubbed hard, thought I heard one of his groan, in any case kept groping pussy until I decided to fuck with my hand,

stuck my middle finger and then the index, slipped easily between their wet walls.

bokep film

She tilted her head back as I continued fucking her hand, little matter to me if someone saw what we were doing.

That I noticed as the walls of her pussy pressed my fingers and realized that he was running.

I pressed my hand tightly against her pussy to help her come and there they heard a sigh. I stayed a while with his hand inside her, motionless still.

And I saw that my stop again approaching. Without thinking twice I whispered “Follow me!”

I pulled my hand, I made sure that I have not felt the dick beneath his pants and left the car,

looked like she was following me closely but keeping distances, it was the curiosity of the situation remain unknown, was a powder sneak in the making.

We went outside, and we got through the narrow streets of the old town, we kept walking and arrived at the portal.

When the wagon had just cum and heard the voice in your ear saying “follow me”, do not you thought twice.

For shame, for curiosity or you do not know why, decided to stay behind me all the time.

From behind, because logically you kept looking at my ass and movement by walking.

When we reached the site and started to climb stairs you kept looking behind while my ass, small, hard.

bokep film

You had wanted to be able to put your hands on the nail and nail. Without realizing it you find the front door of my house and opening it.

Once inside, and when you’d look up wordlessly saw as I turned and I kissed her lips as she closed the door behind you.

Quickly getting noticed my tongue in your mouth, it was a hard kiss passionately, you let out until you decided to start acting,

grabbed me by the ass and threw me against you.

We kissed passionately, your back leaned against the front door while your hands roamed my ass and my back in my shirt.

You started subírmela while I did the same, with one movement were taking us all the top clothes,

the moment you notice my hand behind your middle fastening means desabrochándotelo arrancándotelo until your tits were released.

bokep film

We kiss while our torsos together by pooling our nipples.

While you notice kiss my hands on your stomach slowly up to your tits, first on the basis of them,

surrounding them with the fingertips into ever smaller circles until you get to surround the nipples,

which you could feel like they were putting hard. then I pushed you hard with my thumbs masajeándotelos.

Then you notice my hands heading to your sides and down to get to your waist, hence the noticed on your ass and quick movement you notice as you went up to put your pussy stuck to my navel, endured the ass with my hands.

I was encircled the waist with your legs as we continued kissing. Then I started to kiss her cheek, ear, neck over the side

My tongue was drawing a path for your neck down to your shoulders and then you notice as heading to your right boob.

You I started to suck hard. The nipple was hard caresses before.

bokep film

You apoyabas your head on the wall and you kept your legs around me. That you noticed something leaning hard on your ass.

Quickly you found out that it was. You came a mad desire that the guy who did not know anything fuck you hard and without a word,

you could feel like you were going dunking, in fact you were going drenching while that guy was eating up again and boob without stopping.

hat you noticed as I gathered my body again and again kiss you.

I started to move down the aisle with you on top.

He walked back to you so you could not see where we were going but if you saw as the hall was going to happen until you noticed that we were entering a sink and then to a shower large shower,

club, we were kissing when you notice a sudden a jet of water falling on our bodies, but did not know how the water should be cold but was at the right temperature.

Your long mane was wet as we continued kissing.

Then you notice your skirts as they were getting wet, with fast footwork you got rid of the shoes before they get wet.

bokep film

I left on the floor again while my hands were placed on your legs and went up, subiéndote skirts,

your you were dying to see the cock that was in there and saw perfectly marked in the pants.

Dirigiste hands to my belt, my buttons and with one movement I desabrochaste pants, me you came down hard, as they were already wet,

a fact that made you had to crouch until without realizing you found less than a foot that hard cock, only separated by light fabric underwear.

You passed his hand over my cock above the boxer while the other were starting to bajármelo careful not to hook it with the tip of the cock that you were dying to feel inside your mouth.

While boxers hasselled opened your mouth all you could and you got the whole cocoon.

Withheldest closed it and slowly savoring and noting with your lips like the bud was coming out of your mouth.

You heard one of my moan. Then you dirigiste you my eggs. The rozaste with the tip of his tongue.

You notice as when they were getting tough, as you noticed my cock resting on your face.

Like the feeling of having my dick in your face, and I love to see you like this.

You looked at me with mischievous eyes and began to climb the tongue slowly looking into my eyes, watching my face was pure pleasure.

bokep film

You spent the tongue down the side of my cock slowly up until when the end came back to engullírtela yet again without touching it with your hands.

Then you dirigiste a hand to the base of his cock and began to jerk off and blow me at once. Mmm I loved that situation,

I flojeaban knees, felt a growing pleasure that ran my cock,

I tell you to stop because I was going to run but you kept with more passion until I felt like my cum went all over my dick until at the end,

just then did you get letting my semen will impact on your face and then mixed with water from the shower and slide your tits.

Did you get the relamiéndote and challenging tongue at me face, you got up and kissed me on the mouth.

bokep film

I proposed I go to bed. Along the way we stripped of all we lay in bed, I was on top, kneeling between your legs

I stopped to kiss you and I stopped a moment to look at your body, to enjoy the view.

I pulled my face to one of your nipples and I got into the mouth. I brushed my cock morcillona the English.

bokep film

Then I went down, drawing a path with my tongue coming to your navel. I walked around and went where I wanted to go from the outset.

I went down a little more and went around that line of pubic hairs that you had to get to your groin, I loved seeing that pussy cuidadito

with the hairs cut, I felt like eat him whole.

As you sucked you unconsciously separabas groin legs more like inviting me to eat you whole. And I did,

I went to the bottom of your pussy and I brushed the tip of my tongue. That caused you to have a spasm.

I looked and I looked, you were staring at the ceiling with his mouth slightly open, eager pleasure.

I lowered my eyes again and put my tongue around your pussy, then raise it slowly,

slowly followed saboreándote and not crowded, just licking your up to your clitoris.

I put my tongue with the flat part of the clitoris and began to move from side to side. And up and down, like a dog licking a plate.

You threw your head back and began to moan softly.

bokep film

I reached out a hand to touch a tit while still sucking your clitoris varying the speed and strength. At times fast to slow times.

After a short time you took me hair and I squeezed it against your pussy, I took the opportunity to move the tongue faster,

I noticed your thighs pressed on either side of my head, your breathing quicken until you started to moan.

Hip started to move up and down, I followed your moves with my face glued to your pussy, I knew you were running.

In what gemiste higher and when you let yourself down on the bed, quietly.

Thou hast beset leaving my head against your stomach, and so remained for a while, replenishing forces and preparing for the next assault,

because I was dying to fuck and gave me the impression that to you was the same.

You got up and went to the bathroom, drank water and leaving you broached before you throw them into the bed again,

I ran my hands through your forehead by lying hair and head back, you were backing up to support your back against a wall,

while I kissed her mouth, chin. I was encircled his neck with your arms while one of my hands was going to your leg and you raised it,

placing it next to my hip. You pulled the arms around my neck as my hand grabbed you from the other leg, the beset around my body,

I put my arm below the ass, and with the other hand I grabbed his cock at the base, and began to move looking your pussy with my cocoon.

bokep film

At the second attempt I had noticed as your hole, you sighed a little, and let your body slowly down a bit while my cock was like digging slowly.

I continued down until my pubis pressed yours, could not stuck the needle more. You pressed your legs and stayed motionless for a while.

Around me tightly. Then you started riding on me, moaning in my ear, setting the pace you needed to notice how I was going in and out,

brushing the walls of your interior. You began to move quickly, whining, digging teeth on my shoulder, I turned around and we lay back on the bed.

I grabbed a leg and climbed until it rested on my shoulder, then did the same with the other, leaving open your pussy to shove it to the bottom.

My eggs hit the bottom of your pussy with each thrust that made you. I pulled my face to yours and we kissed the mouths keeping two feet away,

taking our tongues, interlacing. Then kiss with passion and strength while fuck. Then I ran to your nipple and I sucked.

I’ll biting his lips stretching, surrounding him with his tongue.

I stopped a moment, you put aside, without removing it and got behind you, I went sideways fucking you both from behind.

I raised your leg to open up again watching your boob pussy vibrated every thrust returning you to do.

bokep film

We follow a moving fast, slow, rhythmic, letting the sweat of our bodies gather together while. In what I got, I got on my knees,

and I put on all fours before me, I bent down a little and ran my tongue on your clitoris to the little hole in your ass,

very slowly, up telling another attack was coming.

I grabbed my cock by the base and hit you with the cocoon in the ass, in the pussy. Then I placed the bud at the entrance of your pussy,

I drew some circles, pretending that it widened, then give her hip and shove it to the back of hit,

you issued a groan and began to move contrary to my movements so that my dick more is nailed in your pussy. I started to move fast.

I grabbed the hair with one hand by lying his head back, still embistiéndote as a mare. I felt like my run was approaching.

I started to move even faster moaning increasingly high. My moans and my pleasure that you too corrieses did you at that moment.

Noticing my cum ran as the base of my cock I took it out and leaned against your ass.

Still he is moving but this time supporting it in the crack of your ass until a first spurt of cum shot into your back.

bokep film

You notice the hot milk against your back,

another contraction made another spurt of semen was to go back against your back you turned around and received two semen spurts against your tits,

you looked at me with a face impish and you winnow semen between your boobs still look me in the eyes and the two gasping with pleasure,

sweaty, weak, we let ourselves down on the bed next to each other, staring eyes, without speaking, had nothing to say,

since we were two strangers without thinking twice, had just devour each other, or even know our names so minutes later, after spending ecstasy,

began to smile without really knowing what to say, to do.

I went to the bathroom, I poured water on the face to be aware that what had happened was real and I was not dreaming.

When I got to the room, I saw that I was wearing, looked at me and told me you were leaving.

I was staring at you, serious, and felt like your eyes pierced my skin. For the first time, and after all he had done,

he knew she had something I loved, I went crazy, and decided not to let you go, I wanted to be with me even if only once more,

bokep film

kiss you, touch you, suck, fuck you. So I come to you, I said, “Stay to sleep, it’s late, and I’m alone today, you can spend the night here if you want, trust me”

You did not answer, but as felt the same attraction for you held my shirt, you put her, you slept in my bed smelled me,

and that you liked, you excited; tumbaste you by my side, I took a little above you and ask for the name, to which you answered with a simple “Call Me Q ‘

My face around in a huge smile from ear to ear, embrace you and slept all night waiting for the next morning we could continue with some more foreplay.

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