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Totodo what story in this story is real and it happened a few weeks ago,

I’ll start telling my story in which a friend of my mother involved and I’ll start by saying that she is 38 years old and I for one am 20,

the truth to say that I was a virgin but that matters ,.

It happened at my house one afternoon I was returning from school

when derrepente to go home my mother was working and she is a stylist and Lety

(as I’ll call the friend of my mother) she sat in a chair near a moon, (mirror),

when he saw me in very attentive I salute, and I mother too,

and there was some confidence that she would enter the house that is to the living room and bedrooms,

because as had just started classes that day finish emplasticar the lining of my notebooks,

in that the call to tell him to come see my pasta or linings,

she told my mother would come a moment because I called to which my mother agreed,

as income her, describe , is said 38 years a slim body not so nice,

not presume you have a good ass, regular, likewise breasts are all that is a little big,

because that day wore a suit of gray silk (I think I since fabric do not know much)

bokep film jebang

as though it was a rather long dress, reaching down to his ankles, and was very elegant top,

but that’s nothing, sat on my bed and told me that my books were beautiful,

I replied that she was saying that I do not feel bad, because some notebooks were poorly packaged,

but hey she told me they were good at it talked for a while how was the study

and asked his family to which she responded that well,

it was then that fate would put my hand on the bed and I turned and fell in front of her belly,

then she jumped and knocked me down, he told me

-What happened?

I replied it was just a doblonsito,

but I was on the floor and raise my eyes and I could see that the dress had risen to just above the knees,

which excited me as I had never seen anything like it, good at least as formal lady, but immediately the dress on,

I told him why I did if I had good legs, I said thanks for the detail but she was not so nice,

bokep film jebang

I was a little hot and I said if he could kiss the Mejia to which said no because it was casual that,

but how hot it was up to me and pounced on her and kissed her lips,

she pulled me half and gave me a slap which I put in the bed and told him to shut up

not to make scandal because otherwise my mother would be angry with me and her husband (Lety) you would not like anything,

it was then that I saw at her and dress now if that had risen almost to the waist, which warmed me,

I could see that beneath that dress LADY, had hidden black stockings mid-thigh and suspenders silk,

a black thong also silk, imaginence what was my reaction,

Then the logical Lacé me to her and told me not to do anything that my mother was:

on aesthetics and we could hear,

I told him I was not going to find out, it was then that he told me

-What do you want?

I told him I was excited, if not noticed it?

bokep film jebang

He told me,

I know what you want, but it’s okay to leave it to me,

That’s what I read I lay on his back and climbed on top of me and told me that:

I were still that she would and began to wiggle back and forth,

I still had the jeans job and rocked with forces,

he told me to end this way and nothing happened,

to which I said I wanted to penetrate and I said no,

because my mother was in the aesthetic and smarter you lower the zipper or the zipper dress,

which was in the back,

Wow! What was my surprise, when he dropped the dress I saw a black bra,

the same material of the thong, she wanted to get rid of me

But I begged him to let me penetrate and told me,

bokep film jebang

wait for me because she was under a little thong I half I lower the pants and bamonos !!!!!!!!!

It cost me both a shove as it was so hard my penis and so inexperienced that cost me

and grabbed my glans and introduced, wow !!!

That ride that did it back and forth,

I for one remove the breasts of that support and suck mentioned, told me that penetrate well,

groaned and sweated both, as I said my first time,

I felt some pain on my penis but that happened as she rocked, after about 5 minutes she told me


To which I replied, which also came to me, we hit both in our orgasms and fell on my chest,

told me that her husband had not made enjoy like me, and he had enjoyed the time,

it was the start of something new and gift left me her thong, that original, no?

Well, her other clothes and I also settled, so he went to continue talking with my mother,

and I happy, it was my first time and they have told me that was rebién, that madness,

tomorrow I will meet with her again and I guess I have to tell you, goodbye friends

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