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They took time to rest naked and dressed and arranged just before the bus reaches its destination.

They went downstairs and went to a hotel where they again indulge in the passion,

this time she took the initiative and knelt to suck cock already knew and went crazy

and he returned the favor with a lick of masterful shell that caused more than an orgasm.

Oscar took the excitement of the moment and asked something she had never practiced or imagined: anal sex.

Despite having a great ass, her husband had never done something like that and she did not have allowed it,

had heard rumors about how painful it was that; however, the precise moment when he asked what gave him no option to refuse and turned.

The sight of that beautiful ass up and waiting to be penetrated first excited the most Oscar,

but like any experienced lover, first licked all slit gently stroking and gently tapped the hard buttocks,

then played with his tongue into the anus producing contractions of unimaginable pleasure in it,

he continued savoring the dark hole until you feel the pressure relented and knew it was the right time for penetration.

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It ensalivó head member and delicately tried to introduce it gradually,

after a few attempts he managed to get his head between wails of pain and passion of her,

he grabbed her hips and started pumping slowly until he felt the pain subsided

and it increased the speed and strength of the pumped up completely put all the magnitude of the cock to the bottom .

the spectacle of that ass engulfing that thick phallus was phenomenal, while Oscar was soon filled with hot cum Chela’s ass.

-¿Te Liked to do so? He asked Oscar.

‘I hurt a little, but you know how to do it and I also enjoyed that fill me from behind I answer Chela.

Now you’re my lover and you have to do what I want … he said –

Your wish is my command, you are my king and I am your sex slave.

After two hours of wild sex, they returned to their city in the same agency,

but this time the bus was full and only dedicated to conversation and the occasional kiss.

She was satisfied with what he just did not have remorse and keep doing it.

He wants to continue pandering to the beautiful young woman with experience in sex.

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