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As soon as they entered the kitchen they kissed each other with desperate passion,

his hands clenched round buttocks and noted the absence of panties,

lay down on the floor and hardened breasts were lost in his mouth while his room was very tough.

– Wait, they have to see me even if to me Chela said.

dress sat and stood facing the window, got up a little dress exposing her vagina and moisturized.

He came down and started licking with burning shell that desperately eager sex.

Chela had to conceal his actions to avoid suspicion from neighbors and when he could no longer turned to bow to explode in an intense orgasm.

Now he stood and concealed it was fixing the faucet while she ate forward under the thick rough cock completely relished from eggs to the tip of the head.

She lay down and spread her legs begging to be penetrated,

he waited no longer and threw himself on it by introducing a single clean and jerk entire length of his cock.

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Both were in the clouds, they pumped increased in speed,

so he went to bed and she was the one who sat on starting a brutal ride that ended in a great orgasm.

He stood and turned to dissemble be repairing the washer,

she also got up and stood beside her disguising be helping him as his hand ran cock that was hardened.

Then he placed elsewhere in the kitchen where it was not visible from the window, lifted her dress,

stood back and leaned over the table offering her beautiful ass.

He did not wait for anything and knelt before that huge ass submerging his face

licking up and down and back again and again to put the tip of his tongue into the anus,

wetting and lubricating the entrance causing groans of passion and desire in Chela that he opened further buttocks for penetration.

Oscar did not need to lubricate his cock,

placed the tip at the entrance of the anus and slowly introduced every millimeter of his cock to the back,

left him well for a few seconds until she began circular movements, he continued with soft pumped.

No neighbor suspected the show that took place in the kitchen of Chela.

He gradually increased the pace of lunges, Chela arched slightly raising his head and still moving whispered,

I want to take your milk ends up in my mouth please.

It was the peak of climax for him and further increased the pace until you feel the tingling under the eggs that indicated he was ejaculating.

He pulled his cock even more than before,

and venous Chela knelt with his mouth open to wait for the download.

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He put his head at the entrance of the lips and ran a little member causing unloads.

The large amount of thick, hot cum filled mouth Chela,

reaching the throat causing him arcades that contain learned to drink all that bittersweet liquid.

Oscar pressed his cock until he wrung the last drop on her tongue, then licked every centimeter Chela dick until it perfectly clean.

At the door of the house she sent him to listen au wife and neighbors …

– Thanks Don Oscar for desatorarme, the scrubber.

– When neighbor like, you know I’m an expert.

– Yes, I know and every time you want some service I’ll look.

Neither the wife of Oscar, neighbors or indeed imagined that Oscar was an expert desatorando Chela.

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