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The old man must have been about 85 years old. I was 18. We were alone in his house. It was a pigsty.

There was bad smell everywhere. It was not big.

A room that worked as a living room and kitchen and in the background was a shabby curtain that separated another environment,

which I assumed was the bedroom.

He was sitting on the couch and looking at me. I had already taken my school uniform and was only wearing my underwear.

I was a little embarrassed to show it to her, even though it gave me confidence to be with him. I asked him to excuse me for the garments, because maybe he thought I would wear more adult clothing.

Mine was still childish: white, of cotton and with lilac florets and pink as printed.

She told me that she looked beautiful like that and that she loved my clothes because she was a girl, like me.

His words made me feel better and I felt that I already loved him.

“How good you like it, Don Ernesto. My partners wear other clothes that’s why I felt bad, “I said.

-Laurita, do not tell me Don Ernesto- I answer- what do you think if you say “old man” and I say “my little girl”.

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As a sweetheart, of course.

I felt happy, seeing him as a tender and worried grandfather.

“Well … old man,” I said.

“Come, come,” he said. He was wearing dirty, stinking brown breeches and a tank top that showed all the white hairs on his chest and his belly.

My legs were a little open and I could not help but see the lump. I hid it.

You’re very pretty, you know,” he said, stroking my legs with his rough hands.

Thank you. Are you really going to teach me things that adults do? “I asked.

Yes, for us to have a good time.” You want to have fun with me, or not?

“He said. I started to kiss my belly and I did not touch my legs but my ass.

“It’s a little embarrassing for you, because I do not have experience,” I said in embarrassment and I felt myself turning red and I was about to cry.

do not feel embarrassed, my little girl – took me by the arm and sat me on one of his knees caressing my legs and with one hand,

I hugged and touched my chest. – me should never feel embarrassed, because I will teach you many things and everything you do I will like,

“he said. It made me open my legs a bit to caress my inner thigh.

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I felt a little hot and I hid it. He noticed it and told me that whatever he felt, he would tell it and express it. I touched my legs and my breasts.

His movements were very soft and delicate and I began to breathe harder, until one of his hands went directly to my pussy over the breeches.

closed my legs quickly, as a sign of protection, and he gently opened them again. He told me not to be afraid that he would not hurt me.

I settled better on his leg and opened mine to follow. He touched me over his panties with his fingers and sometimes he pushed a little. I felt pleasure with that.

It hurt when I touched close to my clitoris, but the pleasure was greater.

“Stand up, you little wench.” I want to see her again, “he told me.

I obeyed, but I did not look at him.

“Do you have any hair?”


“Show them, please.

I lowered my panties a little until a few dark lint showed up.



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