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I never imagined could happen although it was always something I expected, at some point someone would make me caught, and it was my nephew, well, both. He had just arrived home from work and the doorbell, the call was known out of the shower just being sounded, was the password for my nephew who saw visit. Well, to visit me and fuck me. I frank step and bided to the front door to open. The doorbell rang of the ladder and opened only covered by a towel on her head picking up hair. My surprise was great, my two nephews occupied while filling, absolutely overcome held the door wide open naked couple. I reacted and I stepped aside making s pass. I closed the door and my nephew, password, apologized Nothing else call my cousin appeared portal …

The other, the unexpected. He added that I did not know came to this.

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-How to this? I asked What do you mean?

Neither answered, they looked and shrugged. One of them attempted a babbling excuse nor I understood or I let go.

‘Since we … -and turned my way to the bedroom.

At the fourth, I turned, threw the towel hair on the nightstand and I hugged the younger of the two, while the other stood behind. Soon both hands caressed and massaged my buttocks while my mouth was looking forward to the mouth of my nephew who massaged me increasingly hard tits. Soon I was sandwiched between two of the men who desire and want most. I kissed the front side of the neck and face as she stroked my tits and slid his hand between my legs penetrating between the lips of my vulva hungry. The other kissed me the other side of the neck as he pressed his hips against my buttocks and caressed the side of the chest that was free; He felt his hard cock under clothes rubbing against me. I was so excited I asked them fuck, but almost better I demanded.

Come to bed muttered in a small voice excitement and desire that invaded my body.

I let go, they placed me, I was placed on all fours on the bed, one of them is the position he likes. They stripped the clothes dropping to the ground. Nothing was said, at least I did not see it, and placed one on the side of my face and opened my mouth for that cock inside. The other stood behind me, croup, but I stuck it through the vagina, chose the ass. So I would have never thought, was cock of one of my nephews in the mouth and another in the ass. It seems as if they had rehearsed, because they moved coordinately. Soon the whole cock my nephew was completely within my ass and the other into my mouth, to root the two. When one pushed the other also. I was happily skewered. Similar to when I fucked her basketball player with that big cock feeling.

Bullfights were three I also enjoyed as rarely, occurred almost in unison. We just three lying on the bed, over my youngest nephew, and me, the other nephew, the strips. The three sweaty and panting.

After a brief toilet we continue kissing and caressing, and soon my excitement was irrepressible and offered like a bitch. Which of the two fucks me now?

-the Two – answered nodding one another.

-both I asked for time to fulfill one of my desires, my two nephews while fucking me. A cock in the ass and the other in the pussy.

One was placed on the back between the two they put me back to this and soon his cock entered between the dilated and lubricated walls of my vagina. The other was placed in front, he made me throw me back, rested his cock in his cousin and he slid into me. So I had two cocks inside of my nephews, both in the pussy, inside the vagina. We were very clumsy, too, but I ran out of pure habit. They moved and stroked me to continue my orgasm, then I did move, I put on lying nephew and me got, entered one of the excitedly that I was, I moved a little, justito to accommodate me. The other shoved me in the ass, slowly, with art, as I can do. We returned to run us time, mine may have been the fourth or fifth consecutive orgasm. We were in the same position as we were, panting, tired. So still we were not pulled cocks inside me, they did to get her out, they were left alone to lose your erection. And I loved that, then we would do many times, we fucked, we ran and we stayed still, without taking his cock, until it comes out alone. Well, one of them sometimes takes before he came to throw semen all over the body, especially in the navel or the lower back when he fucks the ass. But when we are both together, when we trios, behaves and runs into her aunt, the family zorrona.

He had always held suspicions that about me, that among them were talking about sex with me, on occasion one of them had, I had intended precisely what we had to do a threesome. I had also proposed fucking record me, something I had always opposed apprehension because I have my secret is discovered. Although really, now I think it’s because you like me fucking, once confessed to me that he likes to masturbate because she loves the face I make when I reach orgasm.

-Pones A delicious little face when you have an orgasm aunt. I never get tired of watching you run ‘He said on more than one occasion.

And that afternoon saw me fuck another, when we returned to the activity, my nephews are tireless, like me, he got up and sat in the armchair he placed facing the bed. I stood back, spread my legs and I volunteered.

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Come ‘I said – and make him a good fuck your aunt bitch.

He stood over me and we ate mouth as I entered. The attacks were strong, very strong, hard, very hard.

I got carried away by the excitement and unable to stop myself I told Make love to me as ever, I want to melt me taste your cock inside.

I looked at my other nephew from the chair did not lose detail, I reached out to take my hand. It was his and feel waves of pleasure began to recorrerme the body. Orgasms chained one after another, without stopping, so was the enjoyment I had one of those attacks of verbal incontinence as mine.

-Hazle Love your aunt who loves you so much, make love your aunt’s bitch, bitch to the family. Make love to your aunt until you drop.

I turned my head and looked at another nephew who was still holding me fuck her hand, squeezed it further and made delicious feeling let my eyes close between waves of pleasure.

‘I love my nephew, I love you and want you to make me enjoy. I want to make love to you.

I ran noisier than ever. The fluids mixed with vaginal cum running down my thighs as I knelt on the bed to make cleaning my big cock fucker.

When I considered the completed cleaning drop me back on the bed and said.

Now your voyeur nephew, now you’re going to make love like your aunt he deserves. I want to come taste. I want you to make love to me and I enjoyments I will make you enjoy the best of whores.

And we made love, I got over it and I let knead tits. The other nephew came up behind me for giving me a kiss and say goodbye to another day while I gripped the tits.

I said I love you while leaving embrace me while moving the hip No afternoons I continued as he left the back room and dress.

I ran many times that neither told and I fell on the mattress next to my nephew who was trying to catch his breath.

‘You must come more times together.

-For what? -He said.

-To Make love to me today, and I continued as I have prepared well for your aunt follaros both at the time.

No aunt, has it been He defended chance. – Finished call to the portal when it appeared without noticing.

-¿Nunca You spoke even a little bit of our own?

He did not answer so I continued Since when do you know?

Time ago-suspect

‘And ye have decided to check it today?

He nodded with a monosyllable.

-If You already follabas me you had to check?

If you wanted to do with the two time.

-Tonto, You are stupid, and your cousin too. You have seen that I want. I love you both, I want to make love with both, time and separately.

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-¿Lo you do with other family members? He asked getting up to meet my eyes.

For a moment hesitate before answering, except two of them, my cousin and uncle unusual village, with anyone else, but that did not tell. I like him before I responded with a monosyllable. You have to keep up appearances though I would not mind a powder with two of them and directing Uncle fucked. With your insurance experience that we run us all three at the time with a boo-two cocks in my pussy.

When was I was sobe bed, thinking about the wonderful evening he had just had. I masturbated thinking about my two lovely nephews and well trained that had as lovers. That has not been the first time, then there were others; we went three a week to a beach apartment, that if it was to make love, because I love my nephews, I love you.

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