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Some time ago, my neighbor who is a woman of about 57 years,

called me to go and see it, because it did not work well a ceiling fan.

I went to him and found that she was waiting for me dressed in a mini shorts and a tank top,

which did not agree much with age, but with his physical, that despite his age, was quite firm.

I climbed a ladder pear see the fan, and when she was reacting with a glass of cold orange juice and looking at my lump.

It was very hot, and she was perspiring, it showed in his skin that was shiny.

He had only a loose cable which connect without her seeing told him I would keep looking for the problem.

This I did to still see a little longer.

From the top of the stairs you could see her breasts well,

I stared at them for her to notice and so to see his reaction.

When descending the stairs she gave me the glass of juice and took me to the kitchen for me to sit a while.

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She took a piece of ice and began to pass it over his chest and then I miss my baso disiendome:

I know you got me want !!

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I did not know how to react, so she approached me and kissed me taking his right hand to my cock,

which was rather hard. I grabbed one of her breasts and began to fondle,

her top and her breasts jumped as springs sack.

Then I could see some red nipples like fire. And she said,

“since my husband died I not like no dick”.

Then I knelt down, I unbuttoned his pants and I started sucking cock.

He was a master in the art of sucking, his tongue ran my choto head,

and sent her thoroughly till my cock completely disappeared into his mouth.

I was about to finish, told him to stop, I did stand up and lay on the kitchen table.

The lower the mini shorts, not wearing a bikini, and began to lick the shell.

By that time she was completely wet, while my index finger started to dilate the ass.

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She was moaning like crazy, her screams were heard throughout the house,

my tongue in and out of its shell, at one point took me by the neck and buried my face into his shell till I come.

I incorporate and guide my poronga into his shell, he seemed to have a vacuum because literally absorbed.

There I started the puts and takes that made her shiver,

I began frantically pumping till the point that she began asking to stop because he was hurting her,

to ignore what I did, and I kept giving the same.

I was a thousand and finally end up falling on top of her.

When I recovered watch your ass a little dilated,

and my cock and answer what led me to stick it in the ass without notice.

She jumped, looked at me and told me to, get back the puts and takes.

My eggs beat against her dripping flow shell that pegoteaba.

Continue till just, she Abia had three orgasms.

After that, your fan every week decomposed.

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