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As I have said, this series contains pornographic scenes. In particular, this release describes an orgy with porn elements, at least one quarter of the paper.

But as many readers and many more followers have already read as a whole is an erotic story of group sex.

If you’ve missed the previous ones, you can resume them here:

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Before you adentréis in this bacchanal, we want to thank you because you have made this series one of

the most popular erotic stories of 2015 in Spain, Mexico, United States, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

And we hope you enjoy this final apotheosis.

Probably, I’m the hottest hot women of my generation. At least I know of. But now that I have reached age 36,

I know I’m not one of those mature desperate to try everything. And I know every time I remember this story and what happened in my apartment.

Although, before we get there we had to get rid of Ricardo and his girlfriend Eva …

-¡Elsa! Raul and Jose cried at once.

-are Ricardo and … He was pointing a scary Angel.

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‘I know,’ I told them quiet, as I stood lovingly caressing their penises. I’ll get dressed. Distraedles a little,

I did not take anything …

The two joined us with the promised spirits. But there was something odd about the talks. We are noticeable.

sex in the environment that is breathed and self-conscious about them.

Anyway, we all behave as socially required and as our sacred Spanish education commands us: pretending that nothing had happened.

The truth is that no matter the minutes spent with them. Maybe it was average, maybe it was something more than an hour.

The point is that I had overcome my alcohol limit.

At least enough to think that invite everyone to an orgy in my house was a good idea …

Years later, Raul told me I came to propose a striptease with cunnilingus Eve as colophon.

And, at that moment, she nearly choked on the cup, to the anger of Ricardo who begged him to stop with the “joke”.

But I harbor no clear memories of that, or subsequent conversations.

What is not erased from my memory is the moment I grabbed Raul and Jose crotch, to direct them to take a taxi.

The time spent waiting and my negative Joseph out to pick up his car constant, I was fully awake. And also they lowered libido me …

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Until, at last, felt the warmth of their bodies in the taxi that drove us to my apartment.

They should be six and morning peak when we reached the gate of my house. And some clearly noticeable.

I got off the taxi and I froze. That strange feeling you get around a long night out, was tremendously amplified by everything that had happened.

What are the odds that a woman gives with the right people for their first orgy, just when you want? He did not know,

but I knew the social consequences when it began to spread the word of what he had done.

For a moment, shame through my skin, bristling like a chicken and generating those chills that as rattlesnake,

make the soul shrinks and body petrify. For a moment, the pictures of the playground,

now characterized by university faces, raced through my mind pointing, marking and labeling me as the cheapest whore in Madrid.

-Are you okay? Raul asked, stroking my shoulders with the palms of their hands. Are you sure you want to do an orgy?

he asked with a soft touch.

I turned and grabbed his elbows to keep physical contact.

I looked into his eyes and said nothing. She could feel the shame dissipate. I again feel like sex …

All good? Angel asked us, after paying the taxi with Joseph.

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Yes, well ‘I anticipated immediately. Let’s go up to my apartment.

But guys, you have to treat me like a lady! ‘I told them with unabashed joy, to loosen the jaws of the above fears.

I remember I took the keys slowly imagining that behind me, there were three more nervous and anxious men for sex than me.

He awoke in my mind the need to generate them suffering the suspense involved looking at the ass of the woman who is opening the doors to a night-dawn rampant sex group.

My movements slowed. My smile was plotting conspiracy with images that anticipated the bacchanal,

anticipating the events to tie them to their destination loud orgasms and moans of pleasure. Spanking and penetrations.

Penises, testicles and sweat walking her breasts, altered, panting …

They watched without speaking. In the middle, in the elevator, with a wicked smile that could only make them feel insecure.

That was my goal. So, I dominate. So, I would bestow them my every wish, every single time I wanted.

They were only five floors, but it must seem as if we were climbing to the top floor of the Empire State Building.

I remember I took the keys with absolute decision. I felt as safe as confident in what he would do. At that moment,

I knew nothing of what someone said would make me feel bad.

It was truly aware of what had always thought; this one life is too short to deny the greatest pleasures. And these not really hurt anyone.

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Tenéis Enough ice in the freezer ‘I told them pointing towards the kitchen. Serbians few drinks while I play music and come to the room.

-You do not want? Raul asked with a look of surprise.

Do not. I want to remember everything that happens in my room I said. But, you need to loosen your naturally alcohol -aseveré shyness.

Angel and Jose were responsible for preparing the liquor. Raul followed my steps toward the bedroom.

I’m going to get another set of lingerie I whispered, as she opened the closet. He sat on the edge of the bed without saying anything.

Just me he looked at her. Stop drooling, turn on my laptop and speakers’ I ordered, feigning spirit of revenge.

He smiled and did what he had commanded him while I undressed me, just when we heard Angel and Jose coming from the kitchen.

Now that we are all, I am going to let elijáis … His chins fell comically, upon entering the bedroom. But guys …

you have seen me naked all night! should already be normal … I I laughed as he finished the sentence.

I would say that eligierais my clothes, but after seeing those faces I’m going to choose myself.

You have attained the music, if you leave the trance …

It’s that you’re very good … he sputtered Angel with sensuous clumsiness and making noises salivary combined result of alcohol and libidinal drive.

Well wait to see me with this set of lingerie … In addition to these stockings with silicone league,

I’ll get some black panties that you must be able to break …, ‘I reported it intended to maintain its tachycardia.

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He snorted like a bull preparing to initiate a prosecution, although his human shyness could only look away and help with Raul playlist.

I shoes off and went to the toilet to urinate and wash up.

When I returned, the music was soft and the three spoke slowly, as if they were taking the last drink in a pub.

I do not know how to explain it … I’ll try to be as clear as possible ‘I told them angrily theater. I want hard sex.

I do not put Marvin Gaye because I have no intention of dancing with you … if not with your penis inside me. I want Rock N ‘Roll!

Joseph told to undress and stand up on the bed. I grabbed his penis firmly with both hands and rubbed against my face …

‘What you waiting for? Are you going to undress? I asked, Raul and Angel member without detach Jose.

I took his penis in my mouth. She was on fire and quickly harden on my tongue.

I was so excited with that fellatio that I had not noticed that Raul was stroking my vulva. Angel looked slowly pressing us to get tough.

My sex screamed to be penetrated, but my fantasies require some domination.

I stopped, I told Joseph to come down from the bed and lay on my back, opening my legs and pushing my panties aside so they could see my lips.

Les -Comedme I ordered all three.

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Ipso facto, Raul put his head between my legs licking my clitoris intensively. Introduced his tongue felt how hard,

when Angel brought his still flaccid penis in my mouth.

My breasts were hardened and began to feel that my body gave off electric shocks, while Joseph kissed me around the areolas and my nipples with his lips.

My body temperature like a carousel. I produced spasms, febrile convulsions and groans as strange as extremely pleasurable.

Suddenly, Raul turned his head away from my crotch.

What do you do? Please continue! I ordered more I pleaded, without releasing the Angel member.

He said nothing. Simply he parted my knees and started to penetrate gently.

Joseph turned away and began to notice how a huge, thick and rough cock melted in my inner burning.

I went back to get me Angel’s penis in her mouth, while Raul offered me the first thrusts gently.

Angel grabbed the penis from the base and stretched with energy, when I saw that Joseph was looking at me, masturbating.

Raul told to lie side without taking his member and offered my back to Joseph, lifting my butt cheek with his fingertips.

Come Jose, do it ‘I ordered.

The position was uncomfortable to continue licking Angel, on the other hand, could not get an erection.

But this was no time to be the sister of charity. I wanted to enjoy the first time I was going to have two penises simultaneously within me.

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I noticed how ensalivaba a finger and made little circles on my anus. I opened it slowly. I felt tense.

I knew it would hurt, but I also knew that Joseph was going to do well.

I changed my stance, leaving Raul below. I put his member, inserting myself only the glans, to offer Joseph.

Open me! -I yelled.

The sensations were sublime. Ferrous its members up and down inside me, stroking my tissues, cleaving my sphincters.

I did not know where to pose hands, the sweat of both diluted over my skin, hugging me in a glorious ecstasy.

After a few minutes of absolute excitement, Joseph left me and smeared my back with overwhelming seething orgasm.

Forgive me … she whispered breathlessly.

Why? You’ve been phenomenal replied, with a smile.

I rose gently pulling the penis very tough Raul.

I approached Joseph, holding his semi-erect member, gave him a kiss on the mouth.

I approached Angel and did exactly the same.

I’ll dry off.

I will be right back. And when I return, I’ll put four paws on the bed and I are going to fuck one to one -sentencié, and let those endearing faces to rest their bodies for a few moments.

On my return, my skin made an object of worship. The object I wanted to be.

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We fell exhausted after a couple of hours and slept together for a long time.

I remember looking at the alarm clock there by 4 pm. I turned and I realized that Angel and Joseph had left the crime scene.

A wonderful and sweet orgy, perpetrated with the unfathomable spontaneity of a perfect crime.

Now, it was my favorite place to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I said that as mature, I can tell you that this was my first and only orgy, but not the last time I slept with more than one man.

As I said, I am married and have three children.

What I did not tell you is that my husband is Raul and, occasionally, more-subtle ways -with relive those bygone days. But those are other stories …

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